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(B/B) AIRE Dales Weekend Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=16, Online=100%, Event1=12, Event2=16)

Event 116/09/2017Attermire National Event
Event 217/09/2017Malham National Event

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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Near  
Entry No. / Name
Start Times
Event 1Event 2
Black (0)

Brown (1)
19101234Robert GatenbyM35AIREENGtba(h)tba(l)

Short Brown (1)
58640450Stuart BlackM50RAFOSCOtba(e)

Blue (2)
38280828Alan RosenM60HHGBRtba(m)tba(e)
149101475Dave MarrM65ODGBRtba(l)tba(l)

Short Blue (1)
128645275Tom BarkasM65LOCGBRtba(m)tba(m)

Green (5)
28200028Janet RosenW60HHGBRtba(m)tba(e)
4408408Gill AdamsW55AIREGBRtbatba
92079993Beverley InksonW45SYOGBRtba(l)
102079994Sebastian MobusM16SYOGBRtba(l)
13363569Carol BurnappW50ECKOSCOtba(vl)tba(m)

Short Green (2)
8444821Jeremy Steventon-BarnesM45SUFFOCENGtba(vl)tba(ve)
159101622Guy GoodairM80EPOCGBRtba(e)tba

Very Short Green (1)
168640444Judith GoodairW75EPOCGBRtba(e)tba

Light Green (2)
79024124Barney Steventon-BarnesM14SUFFOCENGtba(vl)tba(ve)
118290404Max MobusM14SYOGBRtba(l)

Orange (1)
69021206Theo Steventon-BarnesM12SUFFOCENGtba(vl)tba(ve)

Yellow (0)

White (0)

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