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Barney Memorial 5K (inc Cambs AA 5K Champs) Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=73, Online=100%)

Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename.

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Name Age
Club Country  
5K Road Race (73)
9Michael BarkerM75Yaxley Runners & JoggersGBR
22Adam BlakeM45Yaxley Runners & JoggersGBR
55Mark BlandM50Corby ACGBR
46Kirk BrawnM40Peterborough ACGBR
3Andrew BrettMSENRamsey Road RunnersGBR
40Alan BurginM60Huntingdonshire ACGBR
57Hugh BurtonM45Yaxley RunnersGBR
53Leah CaponWSENYaxley Runners & JoggersGBR
70Pauline CavanaghW55Thorney RCGBR
33Michael ChanningMSENNene Valley HarriersGBR
64Hannah ChapmanWU19Bushfield JoggersGBR
25Matthew ChurchMU15Nene valley harriersGBR
66Kelly CrawfordWSENHuntingdonshire ACGBR
17Alison DunphyW45Eye Community RunnersGBR
51Emma EvansWU23St Neots Riverside RunnersGBR
52Sharon EvansW45St Neots Riverside RunnersGBR
2Ty FarrerM40Huntingdonshire ACGBR
62James FarringtonM40Nene Valley HarriersGBR
67Deirdre FeeW55Werrington JoggersGBR
39Simon FellM40Stamford StridersGBR
35Terry FoneM70Eye Community RunnersGBR
44Josie FortuneWU17Nene Valley HarriersGBR
49Martin GichuhiMSENBushfield JoggersGBR
34Shane GoldsmithM45UnattachedGBR
24Peter GrayM60Corby Athletic ClubGBR
6Laura GreenwoodW45Thorney Running ClubGBR
58Bruce GrimleyM60Huntingdonshire ACGBR
68Alan HawkesM65Corby ACGBR
50Lee HeardM40UnattachedGBR
61Paul HidesM55Bushfield JoggersGBR
29Gill HolmesW60Werrington JoggersGBR
1Philip HousdenM65Biggleswade ACGBR
42Diane HuffordW55St Neots Riverside RunnersGBR
41Trevor HuffordM60St Neots Riverside RunnersGBR
21Christopher HutchinsonMSEN26.2 Road Runners ClubGBR
71Neil JarvisM40BRJ Huntingdon RRCGBR
60Natasha JohnsonWSENRiversiders RCGBR
19Barbara Johnson,W65Yaxley runners & Joggers GBR
14Chamberlain KathrynWSENUnattached GBR
65Simon KingMSENEye Community RunnersGBR
27Andrew LarhamM55March ACGBR
8Geraldine LarhamW45March ACGBR
10Olivia LeeWU13Tavistock ACGBR
63Lindsay ListerW50Nene Valley HarriersGBR
7Neil MartinM45Stamford StridersGBR
20Claire MasonWSENThorney RCGBR
16Matthew MasonM45Ely RunnersGBR
4Steve MegsonMSENYaxley Runners & JoggersGBR
23Suzanne OrrW45MARCH ACGBR
72Clare OwensW40ThorneyGBR
69Nilesh PatelMSENBushfield JoggersGBR
38Brown PatrickM75March athletic clubGBR
56Vicki ReedWSENThorney RCGBR
47Kay RileyWSENThorney RCGBR
12Andrew RobsonM50Nene Valley HarriersGBR
45James SadlierM40Peterborough ACGBR
11Caroline SeftonW50Werrington Joggers GBR
31Sarah SharpW40Stamford StridersGBR
5Julie SmithW45Thorney RCGBR
48Mark StirmeyM55Northants Police SportsGBR
28Jim StockerM65Huntingdonshire ACGBR
43Philippa TaylorW50Nene Valley HarriersGBR
30Richard TaylorM45Werrington JoggersGBR
32Liam TharmeMU18BRJ Run and TriGBR
18Fiona ThomasW45UnattachedGBR
37Robert ThompsonMSENRedway RunnersGBR
15Duane TomaselliMSENNene Valley HarriersGBR
59Peter WardM50Thorney Running ClubGBR
36Marco WasserslebenM40BRJ Run and TriGBR
54Jade WatsonWSENWerrington JoggersGBR
73James WhiteheadMSENPeterborough ACGBR
26Laura WhittonWSENVegan Runners UKGBR
13Sarah WilliamsWSENBushfield JoggersGBR

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