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Vale of Clwyd Half Marathon Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=54, Online=94%)

Postal entries (nnn*) were last uploaded on 14 November 2017

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Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
Half Marathon (54)
1Kirste CromptonW45UnattachedGBRtba
2Angela TeggW45West Cheshire Athletics ClubGBRtba
3Anne ThompsonWSENChorlton RunnersGBRtba
4David HeywoodMSENUnattachedGBRtba
5Robert GamstonMSENSedgley StridersGBRtba
6Donatella SubiczWSEN-GBRtba
7Sarah RobertsW45RunstrongGBRtba
8Michael RobertsM40Wrexham Amateur ACGBRtba
9Dan JenningsMSENUnattachedGBRtba
10Laura WakefieldW45RunstrongGBRtba
11Lucie SkatesW40UnattachedGBRtba
12Louisa JonesWSENUnattachedGBRtba
13Nico DecourtM45UnattachedGBRtba
14Nicola CunninghamW40Erddig Muddy TrainersGBRtba
15Claire HowellsWSENUnattachedGBRtba
16Leo StevensonM50Mossley Hill ACGBRtba
17Chris SawyerM55Valley Striders ACGBRtba
18Scott KinnearM50NoneGBRtba
19Luke OgdenMSENUnattachedGBRtba
20Steve HillierM40West Cheshire ACGBRtba
21Elan IorwerthWSENUnattachedGBRtba
22Bruce RobertsM50Wrecsam Tri ClubGBRtba
23Richard NoyesM45UnattachedGBRtba
24Samantha FrandsenWSENUnattachedGBRtba
25Liszette StevensW45Unattached GBRtba
26Heather MartinWSENUnattachedGBRtba
27Alison PerrinsW45Wrexham Amateur ACGBRtba
28Sian MilwiczW40UnattachedGBRtba
29Heledd WilliamsWSENUnattached GBRtba
30Peter Mc CullaghM50WBACGBRtba
31Elizabeth KnealeWSENUnattachedGBRtba
32Clare WilsonW40Unattached GBRtba
33Kelly ClarkeW40Oswestry OlympiansGBRtba
34Caroline JonesWSENUnattachedGBRtba
35Clair HerbertW40Unattached GBRtba
36Dave ReidM55Fylde Coast RunnersGBRtba
37Vidki EvansW40UnattachedGBRtba
38Luke EmmsMSENUnattachedGBRtba
39Charlotte EmmsWSENUnattachedGBRtba
40Felicity HodgkinsonW40UnattachedGBRtba
41Paul CheethamM55UnattachedGBRtba
42Gwyneth DayW40UnattachedGBRtba
43Sarah PriestW45UnattachedGBRtba
44Denis CallananM50UnattachedGBRtba
45Michael EllisM55Canicross ClwydGBRtba
46Paul RadcliffeM50UnattachedGBRtba
47Louise BondWSENUnattachedGBRtba
48Paula ReynoldsW40UnattachedGBRtba
49John HodgsonMSENUnattachedGBRtba
50Lynsey CoanWSENUnattachedGBRtba
51Victoria KnightW40Clwydian range runners GBRtba
52*Peter Gore ReesM50OutFitGBRtba
53*Bill OwenM65OutFitGBRtba
54*Robert ParryM40Denbigh Harriers RCGBRtba

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