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Walk the Port – The Skyline Challenge Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=83, Online=89%)

Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename.

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Name Age
Club Country  
1.5 mile Lets Walk Challenge (led walk) (0)

3 mile Lets Walk Challenge (led walk) (3)
81*Sally ClemettUnattachedGBR
41Dawn JamesNo clubGBR
80*Rebecca SymondsUnattachedGBR

4.5 mile Lets Walk Challenge (led walk) (22)
51Catherine BeeksUnattachedGBR
46*Hannah BeeksUnattachedGBR
52Michael BeeksUnattachedGBR
38Jane CallanUnattachedGBR
39Josephine CallanUnattachedGBR
53*Jan ClarkeUnattachedGBR
64Isabelle DandajenaNoneGBR
66Kundai DandajenaNoneGBR
65Tanaka DandajenaNoneGBR
59Ceri DavisUnattachedGBR
34*Damien HarveyUnattachedGBR
61Colin JamesUnattachedGBR
60Elizabeth JamesUnattachedGBR
78*Bethan LewisUnattachedGBR
73Ben McGlynnUnattached GBR
74Eileen McGlynnUnattached GBR
72Nicola MillerUnattachedGBR
54*Meryl RoderickUnattachedGBR
40*Alan RowlandsUnattachedGBR
44Catherine ShawWalk the PortGBR
85Mark SpencerUnattachedGBR
33*Cerrys WakefieldUnattachedGBR

9 mile South Gwent Ramblers (led walk) (19)
37Christine BassettUnattachedGBR
67Sally BrownUnattachedGBR
36Michelle CollinsUnattachedGBR
35Paul CollinsUnattachedGBR
82Patrick CostelloUnattachedGBR
77Adrienne HoleCaerleon AmblersGBR
23Linda HourahineUnattachedGBR
69Alison JonesUnattachedGBR
70Charlotte JonesUnattachedGBR
83Paul JordanNOGGBR
30Michelle LoturcoUnattachedGBR
7Elizabeth MajerUnattachedGBR
10Patricia O'HareUnattachedGBR
11William O'HareUnattachedGBR
68Claire Reardon9 Miles led walk GBR
22Robert SandersUnattachedGBR
43Bakary TourayNOGSGBR
42Joanna TourayNOGSGBR
71Denise WoodUnattachedGBR

9 mile South Gwent Ramblers (self-led challenge) (3)
63Damian EnglishUnattached GBR
62Maria EnglishUnattached GBR
21Samantha PoynterUnattachedGBR

16 mile (led walk) (11)
13Joanne Bartlett Walk the portGBR
18Mark BowlingAneurin Bevan University Health Board - Anna's ValuablesGBR
4Beverley DaviesUnattachedGBR
3Jenna DaviesUnattachedGBR
28Emily GaddUnattachedGBR
16Seran HarrhyAneurin Bevan University Health Board - Anna's ValuablesGBR
29Laura MappUnattachedGBR
12Nicolette MogfordWalk the portGBR
1Jon PerryNoneGBR
27Caroline SchanzerAneurin Bevan University Health Board - Anna's ValuablesGBR
17Lowri Sira-ParfittAneurin Bevan University Health Board - Anna's ValuablesGBR

16 mile (self-led challenge) (25)
45Marie-ann BeardmoreUnattachedGBR
15Paul CampbellUnattachedGBR
48Morganna DaviesNo Limits ESU +1GBR
47Tim DaviesNo Limits ESU +1GBR
2Martin FidoUnattachedGBR
58Johanna FreedmanUnattachedGBR
57Richard FreedmanUnattachedGBR
5Hazel GibbN/aGBR
84Paul HarperUnattached GBR
19Mark HaydenUnattachedGBR
56Helen HuntUnattachedGBR
55Stephen HuntUnattachedGBR
6Patrick IsaacCardiff Conservation VolunteersGBR
20Mel LiasUnattachedGBR
50Julie MacLeodUnattachedGBR
49Roderick MacLeodUnattachedGBR
14Luthfur RahmanCardiff Conservation VolunteersGBR
79Tim RathboneUnattached GBR
76Shirley RobinsonNGOCGBR
75Stephen RobinsonNGOCGBR
32Claire RoynonNewport LiveGBR
26Ellen StruthersUnattachedGBR
25Ian StruthersUnattachedGBR
24Nicola StruthersUnattachedGBR
31Robert WilkinsonLDWA South WalesGBR

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