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(D) WEE May Series 2017 Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=13, Online=100%, Event1=13, Event2=8, Event3=7, Event4=8, Event5=8)

Event 103/05/2017Ormeau Park
Event 210/05/2017Barnetts Park
Event 317/05/2017Craigavon High School
Event 424/05/2017Stormont Estate
Event 531/05/2017Lady Dixon Park

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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Times
Event 1Event 2Event 3Event 4Event 5
Short (3)
5HireHannah McMullanW14LVONItbatbatbatbatba
11HireMark HopkinsM40LVONItba
1250120Liam HopkinsM10LVONItba

Long (10)
17181422Mark PhilpottM50NWOCGBRtbatbatbatbatba
21388751Trevor MurphyM65LVONItbatbatbatbatba
39700100Declan McGrellisM45LVONItbatbatbatbatba
42105298Henry MontgomeryM50LVONItbatbatbatbatba
6HireAndrew HowesM55LVOGBRtbatbatbatbatba
7HireJoanne McCauleyW40LVOGBRtba
81270303Meadow McCauleyW14LVONItba
9HirePaul McMahonM50LVOGBRtbatbatbatbatba
10895271Philip StuartM60LVONItbatbatbatba
131231059Angela SmithW55LVOGBRtba

Course 3 (0)

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