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(C) YHOA Sprint Championship Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=19, Online=84%)

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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
A - Men Open (M18-M35) (0)

A - Veteran Men (M40+) (2)
5542492Brendan AnglimM45CLOKGBRtba
118423875Adrian MoseleyM45RAFOGBRtba

B - Super Veteran Men (M55+) (1)
139570430Patrick SmythM60NATOGBRtba

C - Ultra Veteran Men (M65+) (6)
1260271Bill GriffithsM65EBORGBRtba
2400035Mike RidealghM65EBORENGtba
68010451Jeffrey BakerM65LOGGBRtba
89050148Gerry SymesM65AIREGBRtba
91407584Grahame CrawshawM65MDOCGBRtba
14*221337Keith SykesM70EPOCGBRtba(h)

C - Hyper Veteran Men (M75+) (1)
16*9101622Guy GoodairM80EPOCGBRtba(h)

D - Junior Men (M16-) (0)

D - Young Junior Men (M12-) (0)

A - Women Open (W18-W35) (1)
4899185Helen BowesW18EBORGBRtba

B - Veteran Women (W40+) (5)
3513901Sharon BowesW45EBORGBRtba
78201070Tanya TaylorW45LOGGBRtba
15886752Karen PooleW40EPOCGBRtba
188067676Ruth KerW50CLAROGBRtba
198630904Helena CrutchleyW50HALOGBRtba

B - Super Veteran Women (W55+) (0)

C - Ultra Veteran Women (W65+) (2)
101407585Irene CrawshawW70MDOCGBRtba
12220205Mary CarrickW65HALOGBRtba

C - Hyper Veteran Women (W75+) (1)
17*8640444Judith GoodairW75EPOCGBRtba(h)

(D) Junior Women (W16-) (0)

(D) Young Junior Women (W12-) (0)

Other Course A (0)

Other Course B (0)

Other Course C (0)

Other Course D (0)

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