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(B) British Trail Orienteering Championships Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=26, Online=100%)

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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
Elite Open (22)
233907Christine RobertsW65EBORGBRtba
332868Elizabeth UrquhartW60ODENGtba
433394Graham UrquhartM60ODENGtba
59740608Nick BarrableM40SYOENGtba
650133Alan ParkerM70AIREGBRtba
750155Margaret ParkerW70AIREGBRtba
9750717Anne StraubeW40ODGBRtba
108201066Duncan HarrisM50DEEGBRtba
118130569Ruth HarrisW45DEEGBRtba
138639645Iain PhillipsM50LEIGBRtba
14876061Peter HornsbyM60LEIGBRtba
15401300Julia PaulW60NORENGtba
161805550Simon GreenwoodM60SAXGBRtba
2024851Robert HicklingM60GRAMPGBRtba
2124850Anne HicklingW60GRAMPGBRtba
22347515Clive AllenM75SNGBRtba
239560822Ian DitchfieldM60MVENGtba
24402000Anne BragginsW80WAOCGBRtba
25401994David CotonM55WAOCGBRtba
268421525Tom FellbaumM21MDOCGBRtba
277746016Tom DobraM21UBOCGBRtba
299522797Andy JohnsonM50HOCGBRtba

Elite Para (for those with IOF certification) (2)
12061375Peter RobertsM65EBORGBRtba
89111945Richard KeighleyM70WIMENGtba

Elite Junior (1)
128081103Anna HarrisW14DEEGBRtba

Standard Open (1)
28560379Leanne BaileyW35NORGBRtba

Standard Para (for those with IOF certification) (0)

Standard Junior (0)

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