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Wrekin Relay Challenge 2017 Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=204, Online=100%)

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Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
Male (66)
6Michael SmithTelford Harriers GBRtba
Jon Mahoney Telford Harriers GBRtba
Greg Smith Telford Harriers GBRtba
9Kris WilliamsWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
Craig TeckoeWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
Shaun CromieWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
16Christian SmithLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Alexander EvansLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Reynold WilliamsLawley Running ClubGBRtba
19Ian HopkinsWrekin OrienteersGBRtba
Lawrie JonesWrekin OrienteersGBRtba
Clive RichardsonWrekin OrienteersGBRtba
23Kyle WhitbyGBRtba
Will BrookesGBRtba
Gary NealGBRtba
25Ben FosterDudley & Stourbridge HarriersGBRtba
Robert Meredith Dudley & Stourbridge HarriersGBRtba
Dave NationDudley & Stourbridge HarriersGBRtba
26Dan LewisWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
Alex FryerGBRtba
Corben RobertsGBRtba
28Richard AmosBridgnorth Running ClubGBRtba
Robert CarrBridgnorth Running ClubGBRtba
Andrew DaviesBridgnorth Running ClubGBRtba
29Paul CarlineLawley running club GBRtba
Neil WoodfineLawley running club GBRtba
Matt BeechLawley running club GBRtba
30Robin GloverBridgnorth Running ClubGBRtba
Scott MathersBridgnorth Running ClubGBRtba
Derek DoodyBridgnorth Running ClubGBRtba
32Joseph HaranGBRtba
Peter FeredayGBRtba
Ian ButterfieldGBRtba
36Lee PearceShropshire ShufflersGBRtba
Mark WalkerGBRtba
James HaranGBRtba
45Warren SmithWrekin Road runnerGBRtba
Craig DrewWrekin Road runnerGBRtba
Ben CarterWrekin Road runnerGBRtba
52Mark GoodridgeWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
Craig MurrayWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
Dave IsaacWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
55Keith BarrowGBRtba
Steve DruryGBRtba
Rob FenwickGBRtba
58Darren PoultonWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
Mio KonticWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
Mark HallWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
61Carl HolyoakBADGERSGBRtba
Stefan MartinBADGERSGBRtba
63Ben Harper#BigLadsCanRunGBRtba
Rob Wood#BigLadsCanRunGBRtba
Chris Whiteley#BigLadsCanRunGBRtba
65Jones DomMerciaGBRtba
Carl AveyardMerciaGBRtba
Hall ScottSacGBRtba
66Richard McKennaShropshire ShufflersGBRtba
Kristan McKennaGBRtba
67Robin HartleyWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
Carl JonesGBRtba
Ryan WheelerGBRtba

Female (24)
2Lucy BrooksBridgnorth Running ClubGBRtba
Nickie SmithBridgnorth Running ClubGBRtba
Natalie CarrBridgnorth Running ClubGBRtba
13Rachel BrownLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Shirl WoodLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Mandi NisbetLawley Running ClubGBRtba
15Cristina ObrienTelford HarriersGBRtba
Elysia GapperTelford HarriersGBRtba
Stephanie EglestonTelford HarriersGBRtba
21Julie JonesLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Amy AldridgeLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Lauren PooleLawley Running ClubGBRtba
27Emma HaywoodLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Vicki PrinoldGBRtba
Marie CashGBRtba
37Lorraine PughLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Marie ParkesLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Jennie BestLawley Running ClubGBRtba
51Jane NichollsWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
Samantha Hall-DaviesWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
Sally WithingtonWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
62Ellen WilliamsUKRunChat Running ClubGBRtba
Michelle FinazziChasewater RunnersGBRtba
Yvonne NichollsChase HarriersGBRtba

Mixed (114)
1Paul KalinauckasWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
Juliana Berger GBRtba
Barry ParsonsLawley Running ClubGBRtba
3Nicola AtkinsTelford HarriersGBRtba
Robert FrielTelford HarriersGBRtba
Louise BibbingsTelford HarriersGBRtba
4Allan BromleyGBRtba
Mandi CaldwellGBRtba
Melvin LilleyLawley running clubGBRtba
5Tony HillGBRtba
Louise BromleyGBRtba
Jayne HillGBRtba
7Alexander RandlesLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Chris JonesLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Nicola WrightLawley Running ClubGBRtba
8Ben MarstonGBRtba
Lynne Callaghan GBRtba
David HarleyGBRtba
10Stephen DavisTelford HarriersGBRtba
Darren FawkeTelford HarriersGBRtba
Georgina WestwoodTelford HarriersGBRtba
11Jason WardTelford HarriersGBRtba
Charlotte GardnerTelford HarriersGBRtba
Jean TurnerTelford HarriersGBRtba
12Lisa YeomansTelford HarriersGBRtba
John ThomsonTelford HarriersGBRtba
Stancy HawkinsTelford HarriersGBRtba
14Craig JonesLawley running club GBRtba
Louise MorganLawley running club GBRtba
Dan TurnerLawley running club GBRtba
17Adam RathboneCity of Birmingham StridersGBRtba
Jen TwineCity of Birmingham StridersGBRtba
Sophie Anne FlanaganTelford HarriersGBRtba
18Clare SmithLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Richard SmithLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Sam JonesGBRtba
20Andy WardGBRtba
Trish CliffordLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Bryan CutterLawley Running ClubGBRtba
22Richard BradshawLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Derek WilsonLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Sarah BradshawLawley Running ClubGBRtba
24Ann-Marie TyrerLawley Running ClubGBRtba
James GaffneyLawley Running ClubENGtba
Ryan TyrerGBRtba
31Laura HarperLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Janine FeltonLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Dene MuirLawley Running ClubGBRtba
33Thomas LewisWrekin OrienteersGBRtba
Nick LewisWrekin OrienteersGBRtba
Julia AllinsonWrekin OrienteersGBRtba
34Wayne FlackLawley running clubGBRtba
Sabrina louise ThomasLawley running clubGBRtba
Tracie TruemanLawley running clubGBRtba
35Jennifer NortonBridgnorth Running ClubGBRtba
Katherine QuinnBridgnorth Running ClubGBRtba
Matthew KirkbyBridgnorth Running ClubGBRtba
38Daniel TaylorGBRtba
Caroline WebbGBRtba
Mark SmithGBRtba
39Phil WalkerLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Lucy RouseLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Jon EllisLawley Running ClubGBRtba
40Colin MattinsonGBRtba
Paul TaylorGBRtba
Catherine WilsonGBRtba
41Jim McMahonGBRtba
James WilsonTelford HarriersGBRtba
Kate McMahonGBRtba
43Paul RichardsTelford ACGBRtba
Lucie TaitHarrisTelford ACGBRtba
Paul CoupeTelford ACGBRtba
44Steve ReynardGBRtba
Celeste CameronLawley Running ClubGBRtba
James CameronLawley Running ClubGBRtba
46Stuart BickertonGBRtba
Helen WheelerGBRtba
Lee HowenGBRtba
47Elaine Gerard Wrekin road runners GBRtba
Rob HurleyWrekin road runners GBRtba
Chris ClaytonWrekin road runners GBRtba
48Matt KilbyGBRtba
Malcolm MctaggartGBRtba
Ginny MagrathGBRtba
49Ian RichardsShropshire ShufflersGBRtba
Helen CrookShropshire ShufflersGBRtba
Ian FordShropshire ShufflersGBRtba
50Mark FennEvolveGBRtba
Lindsay WebsterEvolveGBRtba
Louise SteelEvolveGBRtba
53Helen TaylorLawley Running Club GBRtba
Sarah JohnsonGBRtba
Chris DickensonGBRtba
54James StatonLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Kim FawkeLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Andrew CartwrightLawley Running ClubGBRtba
56Alistair PotterLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Claire EllisLawley Running ClubGBRtba
David PantonLawley Running ClubGBRtba
57Daniel ThurstonWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
David LeonardWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
Christy BlackwellWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
59Aaron BrownTiptonGBRtba
Julie RobertsBridgnorthGBRtba
Gayle GilbodyBridgnorthGBRtba
60Andrew JenningsWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
Adrian Talbot Wrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
Marc ThorpeWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
64Adrian CooperShrewsbury Road Runners GBRtba
Susie DaviesShrewsbury Road Runners GBRtba
Wendy HolmGBRtba
68Diane KirklandLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Michelle CookseyLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Gary WattonLawley Running ClubGBRtba

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