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3ROC Membership 2017 Member List

Member Statistics (Total=54, Online=59%)

Postal members (nnn*) were last uploaded on 29 March 2017

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Name Age
Member (54)
1tbaJohn McCulloughIRL
2tbaNora LeeIRL
3tbaAidan McCulloughIRL
4tbaEoin McCulloughIRL
5tbaCliona McCulloughIRL
6tbaLindie NaughtonIRL
7tbaJohn RiordanIRL
8tbaEoin RiordanIRL
9tbaCuan RiordanIRL
10tbaTina RiordanIRL
11tbaPat FlanaganIRL
12tbaBrigid FlanaganIRL
13tbaHarold WhiteGBR
14tbaMaire WalshIRL
15tbaJustin MayIRL
16tbaUna MayIRL
17tbaCian MayIRL
18tbaCaoimhe MayIRL
19tbaOisin MayIRL
20tbaBrendan McGrathIRL
21tbaJohn McGrathIRL
22tbaRhona McGrathIRL
23tbaEmma McAuleyIRL
24*tbaJean MullenIRL
25tbaMichael RichardsonIRL
26tbaColm MoranIRL
27tbaMary O'ConnellIRL
28tbaClodagh MoranIRL
29*tbaClara KilperIRL
30*tbaJohn MurrayIRL
31*tbaBrian MurrayIRL
32*tbaAislinn MurrayIRL
33*tbaAnnette KentIRL
34*tbaUna CoghlanIRL
35*tbaKevin O'KellyIRL
36*tbaCatherine O'KellyIRL
37tbaAmalia NaughtonIRL
38*tbaValdas TilunasIRL
39*tbaNicole TilunasIRL
40*tbaCon CarrollIRL
41*tbaDoruk BalkanIRL
42*tbaTed McGrathIRL
43*tbaEoin DunneIRL
44*tbaNadya DunneIRL
45*tbaScott DunneIRL
46*tbaKim DunneIRL
47*tbaNathan Hutchinson-EdgarIRL
48tbaGerard CunninghamIRL
49tbaKaren CunninghamIRL
50tbaAisling CunninghamIRL
51tbaKevin CunninghamIRL
52*tbaSean RotheryIRL
53*tbaBen McDowellIRL
54*tbaMatthew McDowellIRL

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