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Marlens Long Swim Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=103, Online=81%)

Postal entries (nnn*) were last uploaded on 13 May 2017

Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename.

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Name Age
Club Country  
Skins (54)
10Claudia AmosW45CLASS/SWSGBR
53Louise ApthorpeW40UnattachedGBR
94Emma BergerW45Portishead LoafersGBR
67Martin BirdM55PAC TRIGBR
9Nigel BoarderM55UnattachedGBR
24Steve ChappellM50UnattachedGBR
75*Skyla CoateWU15Taunton SchoolGBR
77*Jonny ColeMU15Taunton SchoolGBR
55Alexander CollinsMU16Clevedon ASCGBR
16Vee CollinsWSENNoneGBR
99Jane CooleyW50PAC-TriGBR
62Stuart CoulsonM45UnattachedGBR
105Daniel DenningMSENWeston Super MareGBR
46Jenny EllisW60UnattachedGBR
26Richard FinchM40Clevedon ASCGBR
108Alice FountainWSENUnattachedGBR
29James FraserM50UnattachedGBR
52Hannah GillW40CLASSGBR
11Lucas HaylesMU15Clevedon ASCGBR
109David HolfordM50Unattached GBR
49Vicky HollierW60UnattachedGBR
43Vivien HollisW60Outdoor Swimming SocietyGBR
15Sonja JeffersonW45South West Seals! GBR
110Amy JenkinWSENUnattached GBR
101Joanne KemmishW50N/AGBR
88*Jonathon LawtonM50Taunton SchoolGBR
107Joyce LeightonW55Unattached GBR
19Lucy LukeW40CLASSGBR
40Fiona MarshallWSENUnattached GBR
85*Hamish McCarthyM45Taunton SchoolGBR
92Helen MehtaW50GBR
91Neil MehtaM50 ENG
102Chris MillerM55UnattachedGBR
31Mike OrmeM50UnattachedGBR
8Kerri PackwoodWSENUnattachedGBR
86*Laura PageWSENTaunton SchoolGBR
60Richard PageM45UnattachedGBR
68Ian PerryM50UnattachedGBR
59Matthew PittMSENUnattachedGBR
6Stephen PriceM55Clevedon Swimming ClubGBR
35Kevin ProctorM45CowsGBR
1Alec RichardsonM45UnattachedGBR
2Jake RichardsonMU19UnattachedGBR
45Tom RutterM40UnattachedGBR
23Tim SayerM50UnattachedGBR
56Phil SlaterMSENBristol & District Triathletes (Bad Tri)GBR
38Andy SmithM60Middle Yeo Surf Life Saving ClubGBR
30Jon SummersM45UnattachedGBR
61Chris Tilly M45UnattachedGBR
57Ryan TippinsMSENUnattachedGBR
51Lizzie WarnesWU23UnattachedGBR
27Pete WhiteMSENClassGBR
54David WithersM50UnattachedGBR
28Andrew WolfM60Camp Hill Edwardians GBR

Wetsuit (49)
22Jayne AlmozninoWSENShout Out For WendyGBR
20Dave BakerM50UnattachedGBR
7Trevor BakerM55UnattachedGBR
14Joanne BamseyW40UnattachedGBR
33Nicki BardsleyWSENHenleaze Swimming LakeGBR
42Paul BenbowM45UnattachedGBR
32Adam BrownM40UnattachedGBR
66Suzy ColeW45Somerset R.C. TriGBR
69*Darcie ColemanWU13Taunton SchoolGBR
18Frankie ColtmanWU14UnattachedGBR
87*Ruth CoomberWSENTaunton SchoolGBR
63Andy CraneM50Somerset R.C. TriGBR
64Susanne CraneW40Somerset RC TriGBR
104Lorraine CrookW60Caldicot MastersGBR
17Jo EadesW55UnattachedGBR
36Catherine FinchW40Clevedon ASCGBR
65Sarah GomeryW55UnattachedGBR
76*Josh GreenMU13Taunton SchoolGBR
12Fiona GreyWSENUnattachedGBR
3Charlie GriffithsMSENUnattachedGBR
83*Emily HallidayWU13Taunton SchoolGBR
82*Ollie HallidayMU15Taunton SchoolGBR
39Paul HawkinsM55U/AGBR
71*Ollie HeardMU13Taunton SchoolGBR
111James JeffersonM45UnattachedGBR
72*Emily LawtonWU15Taunton SchoolGBR
96Anders LewisMSENKingswood Tri Club (Bristol)GBR
48Keith MooreM60Williamstown Brass KnobsGBR
84*Henry MorrisMU15Taunton SchoolGBR
93Richard NuellM65South West Seals GBR
21Billie OliverW60Shout Out For WendyGBR
89Valentino OrioloM40PAC-TriGBR
44Rachel OzanneW40UnattachedGBR
5Sue PhillipsW45CLASSGBR
37David PlesterM50SSCGBR
97Andy PowellM45UnatachedGBR
34James ProctorM70CowsGBR
47Holly PuckettWSENUnattachedGBR
81*Maisie RavenWU15Taunton SchoolGBR
90Gillian RiceW55North Bristol Triathlon ClubGBR
106Amelia RossWSENUnattachedGBR
78*Freddie Salter-greenMU14Taunton SchoolGBR
13Karen TaylorW40UnattachedGBR
98Bronwen TurnerWSENLoafers swiming clubGBR
73*Freya TylerWU15Taunton SchoolGBR
74*Millie TylerWU18Taunton SchoolGBR
79*Charlie WayMU13Taunton SchoolGBR
70*Amber WilsonWU13Taunton SchoolGBR
80*Sophia WilsonWU14Taunton SchoolGBR

Aided (0)

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