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Marlens Aquathlon Series Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=28, Online=100%, Event1=16, Event2=12, Event3=5)

Event 120/05/17Marlens Spring Aquathlon 1
Event 204/06/17Marlens Spring Aquathlon 2
Event 324/06/17Marlens Spring Aquathlon 3

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Name Age
Club Country   Team Name Start Times
Event 1Event 2Event 3
Sprint (19)
2Paul RedmanM45UnattachedGBRtba
7Stan GruncellMSENPAC-TriGBRtba
9Kevin DanielsM65UnattachedGBRtba
10Catherine RollsWSENUnattachedGBRtbatba
11Neill BirdM40Team AVS PoliceGBRtba
12Tim SayerM50UnattachedGBRtbatbatba
13Neil MapesM40Chalkwell RedcapsGBRtba
14Heather DoodyWSENUnattachedGBRtba
15Victoria GlassW40UnattachedGBRtba
16Paul HawkinsM55U/AGBRtba
17Kate RossW50Bristol & District Triathletes (Bad Tri)GBRtba
19Gemma HineWSENUnattachedGBRtba
21Kate CowdyWSENUnattachedGBRtba
22Michael CowdyMSENUnattachedGBRtba
23Kate MercerW40UnattachedGBRtba
24Daniel MarshmanM45Portsmouth TriathletesGBRtba
25Fran MarshmanW40Portsmouth TriathletesGBRtba
26Astra BakerWSENUnattachedGBRtba
27Jonathan RileyMSENTown & Country HarriersGBRtba

Sprint - Aided (0)

Sprint - Team (0)

Novice (7)
1Paul RedmanM45UnattachedGBRtba
3Jim SheeranM65UnattachedGBRtba
4Claudia AmosW45CLASS/SWSGBRtbatbatba
5Paul AmorM50Unattached GBRtba
6Harris SarahW60Clevedon Pilot gig ClubGBRtba
8Anupa ShaunakWSENUnattachedGBRtba
18Amelia RossWSENUnattachedGBRtba

Novice - Aided (0)

Novice - Team (2)
20Michelle WalkerW45UnattachedGBRProsecco Powertba
Lucy WalkerW40UnattachedGBRtba

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