(D) Weston Woods Start List

Saturday 22 May 2021 Competitor Statistics (Total=16, Online=100%) See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
Blue (2)
68282821Steve Robertson M65 QOGBR 11:15
112142085Stephen Lee-Jones M50 BOKGBR 10:45

Green (3)
58645239David Faulkner M55 BOKENG 10:34 (h)
128667384Amy Lee-Jones W16 BOKGBR 10:50
157207668Laura Britton W40 BOKGBR 10:45

Short Green (3)
3TF HireFiona Leese W45 BOKGBR 10:30
78408181Julia Robertson W65 QOGBR 11:15
8HireGareth Beynon M50 BOKGBR 12:00

Orange (3)
4TF HireAnnie Leese W16 BOKGBR 10:30
13TF HireGillian Lee-Jones W55 BOKSCO 10:47
14HireMatilda Knox Cartwright W16 BOKGBR 10:39

Yellow (2)
1HireIsla Overy W10 BOKGBR 10:33
9HireFreya Beynon W12 BOKGBR 12:00

White (3)
2HireMillie Phillips W10 BOKGBR 11:00
10HireJames Overy M10 BOKGBR 10:31
162133821Maya Britton W10 BOKGBR 10:45

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