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Brecon Lions 10 Mile Road Race Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=77, Online=100%)

Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename.

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Name Age
Club Country  
10 Mile (77)
74Richard ApplefordM40Caerphilly RunnersGBR
8Leanne BassettWSENRhondda valley runnersGBR
35Jon Belcher M40Lliswerry RunnersGBR
22Claire BellW55Les CroupiersGBR
21Ian BellM55San Domenico Road RCGBR
38Janet BoltonW50Taff Snails GBR
37Peter BoltonM50Taff Snails GBR
77Phil BoormanM50Lliswerry RunnersGBR
34Rachel BowenW40Lliswerry RunnersGBR
32Bronwen BoyceW40GBR
9Karen BracegirdleW55MRCGBR
39Alan BridsonM40Lonely goat rc GBR
4Liam BrysonM45Caerphilly RunnersGBR
26Emily ChinnW45Lliswerry RunnersGBR
40Bethan ColesWSENLliswerry RunnersGBR
67Owen CooperM70Builth and District Running ClubGBR
68Sarah CooperWSENCDF RunnersGBR
36Kelly DaviesW40Taff SnailsGBR
12Jeremy DicksonM55Lliswerry RunnersGBR
66Adelaide DunnWSENGBR
53Paul DursleyM65Lliswerry RunnersGBR
2Lloyd EmekaM40Clapham ChasersGBR
49Harry EvansMU23GBR
19Claire GeorgeW45Les Croupiers RCGBR
20David GeorgeM50Les Croupiers RCGBR
42Simon GillMSENLliswerry RunnersGBR
47Matthew GolledgeMU18Caerphilly RunnersGBR
55Michael GriffithsMSENCaerphilly RunnersGBR
31Julia GroombridgeW50Lliswerry runners GBR
58Ben GwinnuttMSENCaerleon RCGBR
65Daniel HamiltonMSENSan Domenico Road RCGBR
72Aysima HarperW40Lliswerry RunnersGBR
6Dawn HopkinsW40Ogmore Phoenix Runners GBR
73Oliver HughesMSENLliswerry RunnersGBR
25Alexander Hutton-LewisMSENCaerphilly RunnersGBR
70Cath JamesW40Caerphilly RunnersGBR
28Mike JamesM45Port Talbot HarriersGBR
63Morea JessettW40GBR
14Randal JonesM55Lliswerry RunnersGBR
54Sean KellyM40Rhondda Valley RunnersGBR
24Susan KellyW60Parc Bryn Bach RCGBR
11David KemberyM45Ogmore Phoenix Runners GBR
51David KemptonM60Parc Bryn Bach RCGBR
41Sarah LauderWSENLliswerry RunnersGBR
46Michael LeongMSENClapham ChasersGBR
7Karen LewisW50Caerphilly Runners GBR
61Tom LongleyMSENCaerphilly Runners GBR
5Topham MagsW55Forest of Dean ACGBR
18Caroline MccoyW55GBR
44Marcus MeyrickM45Les Croupiers RCGBR
59Di MoggW50GBR
76Niki MorganW50Chepstow HarriersGBR
45Sioned MorganW50The Stragglers RCGBR
62Rory O’BrienMSENGBR
75Terry O'BrienM60GBR
23Arlene OsmanW45Parc Bryn Bach RCGBR
13Deborah O'SullivanWSENLes Croupiers Running clubGBR
10Mark PainterM55San dominicoGBR
17Annie PalmerW60GBR
52Angharad Parry-JonesW40Les Croupiers RCGBR
3Simon PartridgeM65Neath Harriers ACGBR
27Christopher PotterM50Lliswerry Runners GBR
33David ProffittM65Lliswerry RunnersGBR
69Nick ReesM60Lliswerry RunnersGBR
43Kevin SamuelM55Lonely GoatGBR
64Ann SingalW50Lonely Goat RCGBR
30Anthony SlocombeMSENThe Taff SnailsGBR
16Karen SmithW45GBR
60Sharon SmithW45Caerphilly RunnersGBR
48Bethan StephensWSENGBR
57Claire SullivanWSENParc Bryn Bach RCGBR
50Mark ThomasM60The Stragglers RCGBR
71Matt ThompsonM40Les Croupiers RCGBR
1Jackie TrowWSENPontypridd Roadents ACGBR
29Elizabeth WalshW40Fairwater RunnersGBR
56A John WilliamsM60GBR
15Linda Alexandra WoodlandW55Port Talbot HarriersGBR

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