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(C) Dorset Delight Start List

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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
Brown (1)
27221451Steven HorslerM50WIMGBRtba

Blue (8)
18270655Gavin CleggM60BOKENGtba
101150655Alison SimmonsW60BOKGBRtba
111081051John SimmonsM65BOKGBRtba
171409709Andrew HowardM40WIMGBRtba
181591010David SaundersM55HHGBRtba
2139940Graham WhiffenM45WSXGBRtba(h)
257207796Sarah HorslerW16WIMGBRtba
288640483Tamsin HorslerW50WIMGBRtba

Green (11)
28639642Carol IddlesW60BOKENGtba
37771234Adam CookeM21WIMENGtba
47997999Charlie SmurthwaiteM21WIMENGtba
57771988Dan QuinneyM21WIMENGtba
9434457Sarah HoulderW55WSXGBRtba(h)
14202118Jim GrahamM65IndGBRtba
191590610Alison SaundersW55HHGBRtba
227201300Carolyn DentW55BOKGBRtba
23400977Mike KiteM70WIMGBRtba
242074442John FielderM70BOKGBRtba
267207797Elizabeth HorslerW14WIMGBRtba

Short Green (5)
6HireRebecca MedlockW40WSXGBRtba
128630834Bill BrownM80WSXGBRtba(h)
208630828Darrell CruickshankM90BKOENGtba
29202221Peter HambletonM70SARUMGBRtba
30342273Joan HambletonW75SARUMGBRtba

Light Green (0)

Orange (3)
8HireLyra MedlockW10WSXGBRtba
1341256Chris BrownW75WSXGBRtba(h)
151409707Harry Bratcher-HowardM10WIMGBRtba

Yellow (2)
161409708Monty Bratcher-HowardM10WIMGBRtba
31HireTim Spenlove-BrownM70INDENGtba

White (1)
7HireEskarina MedlockW10WSXGBRtba

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