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Littleport 10K Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=105, Online=100%)

Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename.

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Name Age
Club Country  
10K (105)
3Tim AbberleyEly RunnersGBR
61Shane Allard GBR
64Mark AllumGBR
45Chris AndersonGBR
62Jon AndersonCambridge & Coleridge ACGBR
58Jonathan AshworthGBR
24Chris AylmerNewmarket JoggersGBR
86Michele BeveridgeGBR
7Chris BoneGBR
50Hayley BonwickGBR
41Andrew BrettRamsey Road RunnersGBR
34Josh BrownGBR
57Pauline CavanaghThorney GBR
23Joanne ChildsGBR
72Adam ChownThree Counties Running Club GBR
71Stephanie ClarkThree Counties Running ClubGBR
105Richard ColesThorney RCGBR
59Josh Creed GBR
102Mark DarlowMarch ACGBR
77Graeme DedmanMarch ACGBR
65Tracey DickersonGBR
88Paul DockerillNewmarket joggersGBR
94Michael DoyleGBR
99Kieren DraneEly RunnersGBR
97Ella DunthorneGBR
33Andrew ElliottStowmarket Striders RCGBR
21Andrew EnticknapHuntingdonshire ACGBR
91Kevin FarquharGBR
92Wendy FarquharGBR
81Debbie FisherEly RunnersGBR
82James FisherEly RunnersGBR
29Neil FlackGBR
28Sarah FlackGBR
15Emma FordhamEly RunnersGBR
98Linda FullmanEly Runners GBR
78Annette GarnerGBR
68Chris GarnerThree Counties Running ClubGBR
67Jo GarnerThree Counties Running ClubGBR
6Thomas GibsonGBR
37Claire HaggartEly RunnersGBR
38Robert HaggartEly RunnersGBR
63Lucy HicksFenland RCGBR
18Richard HillEly RunnersGBR
10Aisling HoganGBR
1Matt HolmesEly RunnersGBR
25Andy IsonGBR
26Cathy IsonGBR
104Donna JearyGBR
47David JonesStowmarket Striders RCGBR
4Barry LaneGBR
43Steve LawsonRamsey Road RunnersGBR
19James LeeEly RunnersGBR
31Gemma ManchettGBR
11James Mascarenhas GBR
2Matthew MasonEly RunnersGBR
73Mark MattlessThree Counties Running ClubGBR
80Emma McGrathGBR
51Helen McLeanRamsey Road RunnersGBR
93Gerald MeahCambridge & Coleridge ACGBR
30Alex MetcalfeEly RunnersGBR
5Graham MooreGBR
66Spencer NeillyThree counties running clubGBR
89Charlotte NevisonEly RunnersGBR
79Helen OwenBodymode Running ClubGBR
101Brown PatrickMarch athletic clubGBR
52Teilo PearceMarch ACGBR
36Jose PerezEly RunnersGBR
13Jen PickettGBR
12Sam PickettGRAMPGBR
49David PriceSCSC Running ClubGBR
46Clive PurbrookNewmarket Joggers GBR
85Martin QuinnHuntingdonshire ACGBR
75Jamie RandallHaverhill RCGBR
53Simon RenderMarch ACGBR
39Shaun RhodesEly RunnersGBR
20Alex RodgerGBR
70Teresa RodriguesThree counties running clubGBR
9Katie RossGBR
60Zoe ShackletonEly RunnersGBR
35Charlotte ShermanGBR
56Claire SibleyThorney Running Club GBR
27Elaine SmithEly RunnersGBR
40Emma SmithEly RunnersGBR
84Janet SmithEly RunnersGBR
22Michelle SmithGBR
55Daniel SouthgateRed Lodge RunnersGBR
32Amy SouthwardEly RunnersGBR
95Kay SpoonerGBR
48Dan StaiteSamsung Running ClubGBR
76Jim StockerHuntingdonshire ACGBR
90Gavin StokesRamsey Road RunnersGBR
87Bill SwadlingMarch ACGBR
17James ThewEly RunnersGBR
16Jerry ThewEly RunnersGBR
42Andrew ThompsonEly RunnersGBR
44Caroline TillerRamsey Road RunnersGBR
100Allan TurpieBodymode Running ClubGBR
74Anne-Marie UttingThree Counties Running ClubGBR
103Dawn VealMarch ACGBR
8Peter WardThorney Running ClubGBR
54Paul WiegandFenland RCGBR
96Peter WoodEly RunnersGBR
69Jade WoodsThree Counties Running ClubGBR
14Zach WrightGBR
83Dan ZenchukThorney RCGBR

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